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Sys. Admin (System Administrator)

Jakarta Fulltime

Responsible :

1. Responsible Setup, troubleshooting and maintenance of wide array of servers and network related services such as physical hardware layer, web /mail / dns / database services, routing / switching / load balancing / firewall devices.

2. Assist in overseeing throuble queues and resolve issues that our support team is unable to resolve.

3. Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements  


1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

2. At least 2Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

3. Preferably Staff specialized in IT/Computer - Network/System/Database Admin or equivalent.

4. Strong knowledge of Linuxbased operating system such as Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and Debian.

5. Familiar with Monitoring tools performance (nagios, Icinga, zabbix, Cacti, Graphite),

6. Have knowledge with various web server technologies such as Tomcat, Apache, NGINX, Ruby on Rails, Jboss, lighthttpd.

7. Experience with setting up highly scalable and highly available open source database infrastructure such as Mysql master/slave or clustering, Postgre, Hbase (Hadoop), NoSQL (Cassandra/Riak), MongoDB, PerconaDB

8. Ability to create scripts in Python, Perl or other language.

9. Comfort with Virtualization technologies such as KVM, XEN (CentOS), VMWare, Xenserver (Citrix).

10. Have experience with mail servers (exim, postfix, zimbra, antispam/ antivirus: clamav/spamassassin/amavis, courier, dovecot)

11. Familiar with Cloud hosting is a plus (Amazon EC2, AWS, S3, Digital Ocean)

12. Experience with cloud technologies is big plus such as Openstack, Cloudstack, Eucalyptus

Send your resume and portofolio to hr.recruitment@j-express.id and we'll be in touch, or